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I criticize myself

When you’ve have changed your meening from something you used to love, because of bad experience. Then you can behave differently from normal when someone are talking about that. I mean the word “party”..

I have been living in Alanya every summer since i was 18 years old and i saw a lot. What i saw is not so heartwarming, and in one corner of my brain i just want to forget everything about it…

Sometimes I have difficulty expressing myself, especially when the person in front of me is angry or stressed.

When I met my wife, she told me she didn’t go to parties or bars, and neither of us has been drinking for a long time. I’m sure my wife hasn’t been drinking for over a year. This is the main reason for our last discussion.

I lost most of the people I love around here because of alcohol and I’m having trouble with the word “party” because of that. These parties are changing people to the bad.

I admit I may have had a little too much reaction, because I was afraid of losing her to. But imagine that if a person has changed the opinion on something, it is not easy to accept it again.

Yes, I’m a jealous person, but I dont jeaolus her beaty. For i am actually very proud of that.

I think it’s about loving jealousy. If you do love someone, you’re a little jealous. If you’re not jealous, then maybe you don’t love that much…

Finally I want to say that i don’t know how this blog course is progressing, but I need some time to get used to it. I just don’t want to lose her.












My wife took a wrong choice!


Hüseyin sin spalte

Because of the guest post Mette published on her blog yesterday, I want to write a post here to day. That is because I think that this was a wrong choice of Mette, and after talking about this last night, we agreed that I should write this to you ..

Unfortunately some of the information in that post was not correctly. And when I read it, I did not recognize my own country because that some of the information and numbers were incorrect.

I sat there thinking “my country is obviously really perfect” and i would really have liked it to be the truth, but I am sorry to say that it is not.

Mette had only good intentions by publishing this post and i understand that she thought this was a good idea, based on all the negative that has been written to her, about me, about my country and my culture. But she should have checked the facts before posting it, which unfortunately she did not.

My wife has never been engaged in politics or how my country works and then she should not have let readers write guest blogpost on this topic. This was a misjudgment of her and she is now aware of this.

The post was well written and some of it was correctly and not at least, very important to say. But unfortunately, there was also something that is not true. And that is not only unfortunate for Mette and her blog, but also for Turkey and everyone living here.

Mette ask







First meeting with wife’s son

I haven’t used my free days from work for about 7 weeks, these last weeks. I usually have one day a week off, but now I feel really tired of working every day. I really missed her, but it is more important that this is her son holiday. You don’t know how excited I was to meet him!

As we agreed before, my wife was going to bring her son and it was the first time I would meet with him.

I made all my preparations the day before and went to the airport to meet them. My wife said her son likes ice cream. So when they landed at the airport, I took the ice cream and passed security checks. I could wait outside, but it was really hot and the thing I dislike most is waiting in the sun.

And I finally saw my wife’s son. A very sympathetic and loving child immediately started talking. He was asking me things, but my wife was our interpreter because I didn’t know much😀

The ice cream I bought had melted, but luckily the market wasn’t too far away. The transfer tool that I made was for six people and there were no other passengers. But the only problem was the lack of air conditioning in the car. Luckily, the windows were open and cooling us a bit.

It’s been about 5 days since I met him, and as far as I’m concerned, he’s really a very friendly, intelligent and honest boy. The best we do is to play football with a very light plastic ball in the hotel room. He tells me so much norwegian during the game and I’m starting to understand it. He really teaches me this language so easily and I think he will be my best teacher when I move in to there family to be a part of them❤️

I’m really happy to see myself as part of this family. Our time is going well. I hope we have a smooth holiday.





i will take her with me..

Time passes so fast that it is sometimes a surprise to understand where and how the time went. For exactly one year ago I met a fairy girl and got married. I am bound with a eternal love, and she grows more and more in my heart every day.

We were so in love with each other that we wanted to declare our lives with eternity.

It’s time to plan our life and i can’t wait to show Mette, my whole world, around in my country. She will going to see so much natural wonder because I know she loves the landscape, history and art as much as I do.

 Here are some places I will take her…


 This is a tomb of 2,000 meters in my city.  Its history dates back to 2000 BC.



It usually attracts more tourists in the summer.  Because it is really cold in winter, like it is in Norway 🙂



The king wrote his will on a rock outside the grave: people will come and visit me after I die.  In fact, at that time this king declared himself as a God.


This is another place.  Cappadocia !

The history of this place dates back to BC. At that time, people lived underground or in caves.

This is a really famous place and i highly recommend this historic place when you have time om Turkey.


Now i showed you two of the places we will go. But there are so many places to go in Turkey. Love your life, hold unto everything you really have, especially your love, because it’s really hard to find true love






My jealousy…


The best feeling in this world is to fall in love.

I think it’s a great feeling to get so different feelings with everything in the world and for happiness to come on the top. To feel this depths of your heart, to reveal the most beautiful emotions and to realize that it is so beautiful to live this life.  When I see a couple of birds, it is as good as understanding their love, or when I wake up and look through the window and the wind touches my soul, like it’s sending me love.

My wife is the only one I want to have in this world.  She’s my dream, my happiness and she’s my whole world. Wherever I live, I have her in my mind.  For me, the world revolves around her.  She’s a must!

I never had a real love before until i met my wife. She’s the one who introduced me to love. Our only problem is that we live so far away from each other. All we want to do, is to live together and enjoy this love as soon as possible.

I want to share every second of my time with her.  I’ve been dreaming of this my whole life.  She is the one who reconciles my mind with my heart and makes me dream like this <3 I’ve always kept myself second to my wife.  She is always with me and for me she will always comes first.

When we are together here in Alanya, my wife stays alone in the hotel room for a while when i work. You see, i grew up here and i know the people here.  I didn’t say my wife can’t go out alone, i only advised her to stay in the hotel while I was at work because I know she would get bored and be disturbed outside.

It’s not jealousy, I’m just trying to protect her.  If she gets disturbed ,I get disturbed.  I have dedicated my life to her, and I will live with her until my last breath and i will protect her …




First meeting with my wife’s son

I’m really happy to see my wife again soon … It’ll be about a month and a half since last time we were together. Staying away from her isn’t easy for this heart. She’s on my mind at all times and nobody understands how much I miss her…

There are three of us on this holiday my wife, her son and I. When we first met, she had her daughter with her. She then came alone for a long time. Except, of course, when she came with her friend at the wedding, but this time I’m much more excited to meet her son. I’ve never met him before. Of course, we met on the phone a couple of times.

Actually, this holiday is for him. We’re gonna have to make some changes for his to enjoy. Our plan is to spend time together during the day and in the evening I will stay in the hotel in my own room. As far as I know, he is a sympathetic, kind and very active child. I was very active when I was a kid, and now I’m sure I’m going to make the best of his. I have to go to my childhood to understand him better. I guess when I was that age, I wish I had a good toy and a good friend. Of course I had good friends, but I didn’t have good toys. I often tried to make my own toys. I myself have toy cars made of wire or a paper plane or a paper boat.

Now I’m going to get some presents for him. I actually bought one, but I have to pick the other one a little better. All the kids are special to me but my wife’s son is different, he’s a more special child to me because he’s my wife’s son as part of her. I’m happy when my wife is happy, and I promised to always make her happy. I have a really big family and I’m almost the youngest member of my family. Since most of my brothers have children, I have good relations with children. Of course, I don’t know him very well so I have to get some tips from my wife.

I have no doubt that it will be a nice holiday for all of us. I want to have happiest family, and I will always work for that …



Husband to Mette here…

Hello to all of you ❤️

I’m Hüseyin. I live in a apartment room that the hotel i work on rented out for me as I currently works in a tourist area. I have a small TV, a wardrobe, and an air conditioner to cool the room down. I only work for 8 hours a day and have one free day a week. I usually spend all my time here in my room.

I’m a person who likes to travel but I’m here when I’m not working, because the weather is so hot when I am working that I want to relax.

I don’t want much from this life. Apart from just living with my beloved and being a family. I hope one day i can start living with my wife because i want to love her, not only in this world, but if there is another life i want to be with her there as well. I haven’t been in love for nearly 8 years until I saw my wife last year. I was really afraid of not falling in love again, but luckily i did. Yes, it is so, my wife melted this stone in my heart so i now became a very emotional person. I have had a hard time in life, but the hardest is not as much as I left my wife at the airport …

After getting married, my wife came to me about every 2 weeks. I’m grateful to her for that, because she knows how I feel. I love you dear! ❤️

The most important issue in relations is communication and respect. I think we did it very well.

Respect starts from the individual himself, if the individual loses respect, he has no respect for anyone. Who do we expect to have no respect for?

This life is not very long, if you want, you can look back to how you came to understand this time? God knows who lives how long, I mean we must live this short life with love, respect and happiness

Otherwise, broken hearts, droopy faces won’t make anyone happy …

I’m not giving anyone advice or lessons. I’m sure you’re all grown-up enough to understand what I read. Start by loving yourself and believe in yourself first, then believe me everything will be better …


I got married to the woman of my life 

Gjesteinnlegg av min ektemann, Hüseyin 


I’m not that good at writing, but I can express myself enough to explain my feelings, my love and my happiness.

Time… the time can feel so unfriendly for me. It goes to fast when we are together and to slow when we are apart. Somethimes it feels like the time stops and i drowned, and I feel the weight of the whole world. Especially when I have to leave my wife at the airport, something in my throat tied and I have difficulty swallowing. This pain cannot be described !!!

I have fallen on stones before, my hand has been burned in the flames, my nose has been broken and I have fallen down from tree’s. But that was not the half of the pain I am suffering, when my wife leaves me at the airport.



When my wife came to Turkey for our wedding, there was not that much time. I had so much to do, in so short of time. We had to go to hospital to get blood test, then I needed to fix the translation of papers for marriage and make sure that everything with the wedding day and henna party was done. It is not easy to do it all at the same time. But I am proud to have done the most special and beautiful memories of my life.

Two days after my wife arrived, her friend Linn, was on her way to help us and we went to the airport to pick her up. I’ve never met her before, but in a short time after I met her, she was like a long-time friend. She was very helpful to us and I would like to thank her in particular. (Many thanks Linn)

Normally I’m not a very stressed person, but I have learned that I can be stressed when it comes to paperwork or wedding.
It wasn’t easy to organize our wedding, which was the most special moment of my life. I had to adjust everything from the smallest details to the biggest, and I was getting stress from the stress, that everything would go well on our wedding day.

Luckily, everything went well and we did not experience any problems. I love my wife very much and I’m bound with a very big love for her.

We got married soon after we was engaged. That is normal here in Turkey and especially in the area where I live. Those who gets engaged, will married in a maximum of 1 year after. I understand that Norwegians are not in a hurry to get marry and some are even never married. But we (Turks) can’t live without marrying the one we love.

My father is very old and has multiple diseases, so I wanted him to see our wedding. We are not here for a long time and we need to live our life, when we can. I also had to think about that families who lose an individual from his family, can not celebrate for a long time.

I wanted to offer my wife a wedding tradition of my own culture. But if our family where in grief I couldn’t do a wedding. So I am very happy to have done it now, when almost all of my family was here and also since only two of my married brothers had a wedding in my village.

I am therefore very glad that I could give my wife this wedding whit the live music, dancing and everything else that is my culture.

I am very happy to be married and I will protect my wife until I die, because she is my love, my life, my happiness and my everything.

Mette, my beloved wife, I love you so much. You you are my everything and I am happy when you’re happy. Believe me when you are sad, I’m going more sad than you. I want you to know that you have a husband who has to live away for a while. He is in love with you and can not describe his feelings for you.

The whole time goes by thinking of you. You’re on my mind every moment, and believe me, I haven’t even had a moment whitout you in my mind since I’ve known you. This heart will love and protect you forever and I swear with my heart that I will do my best to make you happy.


You are the most beautiful woman in the world for me and my beautiful wife who is as sweet as I have never seen in my life …


My side of the story


Gjesteinnlegg: Hüseyin 









We spent our last days in our room. Just beeing together and make most of the time we had left. We went into the pool only once a day and went back to our room. The last day came and i wanted us to eat our last dinner together in the place where I asked her to marry me. So we took the bus to the Alanya city and then decided  to take the cable car up the mountain. I’ve never been on a lift before, but i knew that the cable car went up to the top of the castle. So i was thinking that we could go to the restaurant from the top.




For the first time in my life I was in a ropeway and I had my princess. When we reached the top, we realized that the roads were closed. I asked if there was a possibility that we could pass the way to the castle from there. But it was closed and we could not get through. I was very upset, but my love told me we could eat at a restaurant below. She said it was okay that our last night did not go as planned and that it would be nice to eat at a other place i had been working before. I have been working in many restaurants in the city, so I know all the restaurants that have delicious food. We went to a restaurant near the pier, which is the most lively place in Alanya.










Without looking at the menu, i ordered two potions of a meal called Lahmacun that I had eaten many times before and that i really like. My love said that she liked it very much and that it looked like a pizza, but tasted better than a pizza. After eating our meal, we went back to the hotel and hugged each other in our room, the hole night. It was our last night together and i did not want to sleep, because i had too much feelings. I knew it was not going to be easy not see each other for a long time, when she went back to Norway. We were both very upset…




I called the man who brought us from the airport and told him to be in front of the hotel at 8 in the morning. The next day i called the driver at 7:00 in the morning, and he told me that he was leaving. But he was a little late, so I called him back and he told me he had been in a accident. I was afraid to tell my love. I asked him what happened and he just said that it was a an accident, but that he still would come. He was upset.




He came and he was so stressed. The car was broken in the front, but he could drive it. We arrived at the airport and my heart was very upset to the movement of my feet could not prevent, as if the world was exhausted to breathe oxygen in the world was so difficult that this huge world had come so narrow that I did not even know what to do in sorrow.







This was the first time i was in real love and we where going to be separated from each other. We cried when we hold around each other and it was so hard saying goodbye. I didn’t want to leave the airport, but I knew my love was going to fly away. So i went out and trying to see the plane she was in, but it was very difficult. I was in the direction of the north of the airport, so I thought that the outgoing planes heading south. But i did not see the plane.




I took the bus home an went to my room. But there wasn’t ant time left to think, because i needed to get ready and go to work. But at work i was thinking that there had to be a way to go to her. I didn’t have a passport, so i immediately started the passport procedures, to go and see her. After speaking with my love for a long time, I understood that this would be really long and hard process. So when my love started writing the invitation, I started to prepare all the paperwork I needed here.




After some days the whole thing was ready, Finally. I booked for visa processing on internet. It took me about 9 hours by bus to get to the capital city. I set off and handed my documents to a company that was attached to the consulate. All the hustle and bustle were all over. I received an e-mail that my reply letter was sent to me only after about 15 days except just waiting for an answer. My excitement was at the peak.







About twenty minutes later, my love wrote to me that she found out that the outcome was not good and that we received rejection. All my sense organs were not working, communication with the world was lost. Soon, my love was calling me and saying something to me in a sad voice. I had times in my life where I was very cold in life and I could add this to that time, because everything just stoped for a while.




I am going to live my life with her and i want to feel this love forever. Because there’s no other way I can stop this heart from crying. You can always find a partner, but it is really hard to find your soul mate. Especially if you feel a love in every corner of your heart.




I promised my heart that I will make her happy and I will keep that promise with my life. I want to be loved and love, I don’t want too much from this world, just this…







Gjeste innlegg av min Tyrkiske forlovende. PART 2

My side of the story


Gjesteinnlegg: Hüseyin 







My love was gone about two months and we talked together daily on messengar with the camera on. But there is a lot of difference between seeing each other on camera and meeting in real life!




I was so looking forward to meet my love again and everything i planned was going well. I’ve ordered a bouquet of flowers for her and i hired a friend of a friend from Antalya, to be our driver. I rented the car to be ready at 12.00 outside the airport.







On the 4 september i woke up at 4 am in the morning. The sun was just being born, and I had to get my flowers from the flower shop in Konakli and then take the bus ride to the airport. The distance was only 100 kilometers and it took about 2.30 hours for the bus to arrive in Antalya.



When i came to the airport i asked a person who worked there, where the international flights came from and he showed me the way. So i started to wait, about 50 meters away from the door. After a half an hour later there came a security lady working there and sat down on the empty place beside me. She greeted me and we started to talk. She must had seen my flowers, because she asked me if i was waiting for my girlfriend. I said yes and then she asked me where she will come from and i answard that she will come from Norway.






Then she told me that maybe i should wait inside to easier see her, when she came out. So the security lady helped me and took me in closer to the door. Actually, that was where she was working, so she told me to wait by her desk and she took the flowers under the desk. It was very crowded and dozens of people were coming out from the door at the same time.



I was really nervous because i was afraid that i couldn’t see my girlfriend when she came out. so i was asking the passengers that came out, where they came from. The majority came from Russian and Germany, but nobody answered that they were from Norway. So i was very happy when a person told me that they were from Norway. It was about 15 minutes waiting by the door and I got so excited and nervous at the same time.



Finally, I saw my love behind about 20 people, shining like the sun. My heart was pumping so much blood all over my body, that i wasn’t even on my feet anymore. When she came to me, we smiled and hugged each other. Then the security lady got the flower she kept under her desk and gave it to me. She greeted my girlfriend and walked away. I gave my flowers to my love and she hugged me again.



The owner of the vehicle i rented in Antalya called me and said that he was waiting for us. We got in the car and was on our way to the hotel. We had made a reservation to a hotel in Konaklýda. We hugged and kissed all the way to the hotel and our hands never let go of each other. Her beautiful smile and glance was turning my head.





When we arrived at the hotel the girl behind the desk in the reception greeted us and started the check-in procedures. She then asked me where I found this beautiful world lady and i answered ​​”from Heaven”. She was so beautiful that I couldn’t belive my eyes. It was like I was in a dream and my beautiful girlfriend was my hole world. Fortunately, we could move to our hotel room after a little while and we hugged again. It was so beautiful that my heart kept saying that I had to give her a hug and never stop.



After a while she told meg that she had to take a shower, after the long journey.  So she got into the bathroom and i missed her when she was in the shower and until she came out again. But i knew that she would stay with me for a hole week and that made me feel good.



When we were getting ready to go out, it was about 3 o’clock in the afternoon and the hotel’s lunch hour had passed. I knew she came a long way and was probably as hungry as I was. I had not been eating anything the hole day! We went to a restaurant in Konakli city and  i asked my girlfriend what she liked to eat. She told me that she was not that hungry and that she was on a diet, so she only wanted to eat a salad.





After eating our food, we had some tea and then we drank Turkish coffee. She liked the Turkish tea, Turkish delight and coffee very much. She told me that she dont drink coffee in Norway, but she really liked the Turkish coffee. It was like i was just living the most beautiful dream in my life. She said she liked everything and liked it very much.






We came to our hotel in the evening and we started to talk about everything. I was thinking that she had such a sweet voice, that her voice sounded even more beautiful, than the most beautiful music I have ever listened to. I don’t remember being so in love with anyone in my life before. She fascinated me in every way, my eyes were blind, my connection to the world had been cut out and my life had begun. So i felt like I was born again. Like i am normally smoking, but after she came i often forgot about smoking.



Our holiday was passing very quickly and i should make this love last for ever. So i was thinking that we should get married! II’ve been thinking about marrying for the first time in my life and for the first time I was in a mutual relationship. Living my life with her and for her to be mine, was the only desire from this world.



We went to a restaurant in Caracas where I had worked before, and it was almost at the top of the mountain. It was a place that showed the best view of Alanya. We arrived at the restaurant and sat down with one of the most beautiful tables. I don’t remember how I ate my food, but i was so exciting because it was really happening.





I waited for my love to eat her meal and when we were finished, i got up from my chair and sat down on the chair next to her. I focused on her eyes and I just asked her, “Would you share this life with me?” and i gave her the ring. My love looked at me with the sea in her eyes and kissed me, before she answered yes…







I was going crazy because of the happiness i felt and that this beautiful life we had together and this girl would be mine!!! We were very happy and when we started to go down from the castle, I was like a bird. My feet weren’t touching the ground. I felt very different and it felt like my mind and my heart were so close together. Everything was like a dream and i could feel my joy, excitement and all my senses. I kissed her hands all the way from the mountains. We where holding hands, and these kisses were the way my heart responded.



We arrived at our hotel and we hugged each other even more. But it was not easy to sleep that night because my heart didn’t even let my body rest in this happiness. I am usually sleeping good, but with her I woke up at 6 in the morning. I just wanted to watch her and to hug her. The world was turning for us.





The next day my love asked me if we should go to the beach. I normally dont like the beach because it is hot and the sea is too salty, but I couldn’t refuse her request, so we went to the beach. The sea was so choppy and frankly my swimming is not that good. But we headed towards the sea and the waves were very high and did not allow us to go forward. A few waves were too hard and I couldn’t even open my eyes. We realized that it was not possible to deal with these crazy waves and we went to the pool.



In the evening i wanted to introduce my beautiful fiancè to all of my family because she would be my forever life partner. I introduced a lot of people in my family to her on the phone and i told her some words she said to them in Turkish. It was so funny and lovely because I have not heard any more beautiful speaking Turkish. The next day we went to Alanya city and i introduced her to my sister that live there. 



I was having fun and i was very happy. But I was also upset because I didn’t have a lot of time with my love. She was going away, and it was like I had a bleeding inside. I don’t remember having tears in my eyes for many years, but it was really hurting me that my girlfriend was going to leave me in just a few days and I wouldn’t be able to see her for a long time.





There will come a part 3 in a few days