I got married to the woman of my life 

Gjesteinnlegg av min ektemann, Hüseyin 


I’m not that good at writing, but I can express myself enough to explain my feelings, my love and my happiness.

Time… the time can feel so unfriendly for me. It goes to fast when we are together and to slow when we are apart. Somethimes it feels like the time stops and i drowned, and I feel the weight of the whole world. Especially when I have to leave my wife at the airport, something in my throat tied and I have difficulty swallowing. This pain cannot be described !!!

I have fallen on stones before, my hand has been burned in the flames, my nose has been broken and I have fallen down from tree’s. But that was not the half of the pain I am suffering, when my wife leaves me at the airport.



When my wife came to Turkey for our wedding, there was not that much time. I had so much to do, in so short of time. We had to go to hospital to get blood test, then I needed to fix the translation of papers for marriage and make sure that everything with the wedding day and henna party was done. It is not easy to do it all at the same time. But I am proud to have done the most special and beautiful memories of my life.

Two days after my wife arrived, her friend Linn, was on her way to help us and we went to the airport to pick her up. I’ve never met her before, but in a short time after I met her, she was like a long-time friend. She was very helpful to us and I would like to thank her in particular. (Many thanks Linn)

Normally I’m not a very stressed person, but I have learned that I can be stressed when it comes to paperwork or wedding.
It wasn’t easy to organize our wedding, which was the most special moment of my life. I had to adjust everything from the smallest details to the biggest, and I was getting stress from the stress, that everything would go well on our wedding day.

Luckily, everything went well and we did not experience any problems. I love my wife very much and I’m bound with a very big love for her.

We got married soon after we was engaged. That is normal here in Turkey and especially in the area where I live. Those who gets engaged, will married in a maximum of 1 year after. I understand that Norwegians are not in a hurry to get marry and some are even never married. But we (Turks) can’t live without marrying the one we love.

My father is very old and has multiple diseases, so I wanted him to see our wedding. We are not here for a long time and we need to live our life, when we can. I also had to think about that families who lose an individual from his family, can not celebrate for a long time.

I wanted to offer my wife a wedding tradition of my own culture. But if our family where in grief I couldn’t do a wedding. So I am very happy to have done it now, when almost all of my family was here and also since only two of my married brothers had a wedding in my village.

I am therefore very glad that I could give my wife this wedding whit the live music, dancing and everything else that is my culture.

I am very happy to be married and I will protect my wife until I die, because she is my love, my life, my happiness and my everything.

Mette, my beloved wife, I love you so much. You you are my everything and I am happy when you’re happy. Believe me when you are sad, I’m going more sad than you. I want you to know that you have a husband who has to live away for a while. He is in love with you and can not describe his feelings for you.

The whole time goes by thinking of you. You’re on my mind every moment, and believe me, I haven’t even had a moment whitout you in my mind since I’ve known you. This heart will love and protect you forever and I swear with my heart that I will do my best to make you happy.


You are the most beautiful woman in the world for me and my beautiful wife who is as sweet as I have never seen in my life …
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    1. Dear Hüseyin! Thank you for your warm welcome into your family! You opened your Home and your heart and for that I am forever thankfull! I was so pleased to see and experience the special love between you and Mette, I am so happy for both of you. The future Will not be easy, but true love Will survive everything! Until we meet again; take care! Lots of love from your friend Linn

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